Family run boarding kennels always here to help and put you first.

Family run boarding kennels always here to help and put you first. Family run boarding kennels always here to help and put you first. Family run boarding kennels always here to help and put you first.

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COVID - 19 INFORMATION: We are still open to look after your pets,  throughout the lockdown and  government  safety measures will be adhered to. We ask that all customers pay over the phone or bank transfer and respect the 2 metre distancing rule. If you have any queries about booking in your pet(s) please contact us 01945 430949. There will be no viewings. When you arrive at the kennels you will need to press the call button on the front of the electric gate to gain access once we have spoken to you.

If you are showing any symptoms of Corona Virus, please stay away for our family's well-being. We are open 8:00 am - 5 pm

We can accomodate pets outside these hours for emergency and key workers and first responders. 

If you are part of this group and require our services please contact us so we can give you a direct mobile number. Keep safe and stay well.

Many thanks Rayvonley Kennels. 



Book your Dogs holiday now and get a cracking deal for your after lockdown Holidays  and free quotation now 01945 430949

Rayvonley Kennels 

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Book up now we are Open 7 days a week all year round, come and have a look around.

Have your Pet Bathed, Groomed, Pampered, Clipped whilst here at a reduced price.  

About Us

The right people are important to look after your Dogs, here at Rayvonley Dogs come first, we are open 365 days of the year, we have been looking after our customers dogs and showing our own dogs for many years, we know that a dog kept in tip top condition, correctly exercised and entertained, is a happy dog, we are very proud of our kennels and viewing is available 7 days per week.


One side of the Kennels has been specially constructed for medium to Large dogs whilst the other-side has been built for our small to medium furry friends. "Come and have a look around 7 days a week!! 

Rayvonley Kennels in a fully licensed boarding kennels for the boarding of all types of dogs, we do however welcome Large and Giant breeds, many other kennels turn these dogs away, we have constructed specially built kennels and runs and play areas and training areas inside our 7 acre complex like no other kennels in the area, our staff are all experienced dog people and used to all different dog behaviour.. we are here with your dogs 365 days of the year 24/7


· Each Kennel has individual heating as required, each kennel has its own large exercise run which is fully roofed for changes in the weather.

· We offer a collection and delivery service to your door

We can administer any medication that your dog(s) is/are on free of charge throughout the stay with us.

· All dogs are walked and exercised to your recommendations each day.

· We feed your dogs whatever you want us to feed.

· We are dog people and have kept dogs for over 25 years

Transport / Collection and Delivery service is available upon request, our van is fully air-conditioned and has several different size secure comfortable areas for your pets to enjoy their travel.


Daily Boarding Prices for Dogs

Small Dogs e.g. Jack Russell-£9 per day

Medium Dogs e.g. Cocker spaniel / Labrador- £12 per day

Large dogs e.g. GSD / Rottweiler- £14 per day

Giant Breeds e.g. Mastiffs/Great Danes/St Bernard - £16 per day.

Like Hotels The cheapest Kennels will never be the best kennels.


An agreed deposit or Full Payment will be required upon booking (deposits are transferable but not refundable). 

A discount will be given for dogs sharing; this will be agreed by the owner and the kennels at the time of booking.

Collection and delivery service can be arranged and is available upon request (Cost subject to mileage).

The kennels themselves are state of the art purpose built kennels to MOD standards built from fully insulated G.R.P, each kennel has a heated sleeping quarter and has it’s own large fully roofed exercise run.

We are a fully licensed boarding kennels with a 4 star licence Licence number 



State of the Art Purpose built Kennels and Runs


Let your Dog enjoy our kennels, spacious run's and purpose built exercise areas and we have gone out of our way to build many dog friendly features to keep your dog happy, safe and amused whilst here with us.
Each of our indoor kennels are 5 foot x 5 foot inside to give your dog plenty of room, they are fully insulated with individual heating when required, the attached private run is 20 feet long and fully roofed for those British rainy days.


Although dogs can see each other and under supervision meet and say hello when we are out with them,  they cannot freely get to each other for safety and Boarding licensing reasons, we only mix customers own dogs together, all dogs can go out into outside grass exercise areas (if you wish) and are walked up and down the country lanes daily often at the same time, they are never bored here..
Our Grass exercise arears are large like individual gardens, with double fencing between them, some have an area of concrete around them for dogs who like to be escapologists or like to dig!

We have divided the Boarding Kennels into two sections, Large dogs one side and small dogs the other side, so don't worry your Chihuahua will not have to even see a German Shepherd whilst here.

We have a very quiet Separate Kennel area for Small dogs or Dogs that may be a bit timid or unsure

Our small dog boarding kennel often has the likes of Chihuahua's, Sausage Dogs, Westies, Yorkies, Jacks, little crosses etc. whilst the other side caters for all other breeds, no dog to Big or Small for us, we own Small and Big dogs ourselves.

Come and have a look give us a call on 01945 430949  / 07856 434594 Viewing is better by appointment, but if your passing call in, our opening hours are between 8am and 6pm 7 days a week (these can be flexible).


Why Rayvonley?

When it comes to our Dogs we like to give them the best, Rayvonley Kennels offers a unique experience second to none in the area, purposely built from the ground up for our own beloved dogs and then replicated for yours, we don't cut corners, the best foods, soft bedding and all heated sleeping quarters huge roofed runs and friendly people, we are here all the time, we look after your dogs as they are our own, you wont be disappointed and you will come back.

Discounts offered for longer stays, more than one dog etc, all dogs are very welcome

We pride ourselves on our customers coming back to us year in and year out and telling their friends about us please feel free to come and have a look around

RAYVONLEY KENNELS - Wisbech Boarding Kennels

Rhosaf House, Middle Drove, St Johns Fen End, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England PE14 8JP

01945 430949 / 07856 434 594



08:00 – 18:00


08:00 – 18:00


08:00 – 18:00


08:00 – 18:00


08:00 – 18:00


08:00 – 18:00


09:00 – 18:00

Due to the nature of our business we can accommodate for unforeseen changes i.e customers going and arriving times can change, adjustments can be made outside these hours by arrangement.


We are a Fully Licenced and Insured Boarding Kennel